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Testing & Problem Solving Since 1979 for Automotive, Medical & Laboratories!

Midwest EMI has been serving the testing needs of small and medium-sized businesses in the Chicago area since 1979. Since then, Midwest EMI has served hundreds of customers nationwide and expanded its facilities twice. Midwest EMI has state-of-the-art test equipment in its facility and employs three engineers for testing purposes. Midwest EMI’s customers find it convenient to have a test facility close by, with personalized service.


Why work with a technician at a big testing service when you can work with an engineer with over 30 years experience?

EMI Testing

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) describes a wide range of environmental electrical disturbances, which can adversely affect the performance of electrical equipment. Read more…

ESD Testing

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) interference is a specialized type of ambient interference that results from the extremely rapid equalization of charges between conductive surfaces. Read more…

CE-Mark Certification

The CE Mark indicates that your product has been tested for compliance with the safety requirements of the European Community. Read more…

The only place where you’ll get testing and problem-solving at the same time for all your testing needs.

Industries We Serve

Reliably predict product performance in any electromagnetic environment.

Harden medical electronic designs against EMI early in development to design in safety and compliance. 

Make sure your automotive electrical components and systems meet EMC requirements

Need help with your testing requirements? We are experts!

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