Automotive Industry


The automotive industry is presently over a $273 billion dollar market comprising heavy industries, computer hardware, software and growing at $35 billion in just four years.  Profits in the industry are highly dependent on market conditions and the public’s perception of quality. Not only the finished product but also every subassembly comprising electronic components must undergo high-level testing to assure safety. Midwest EMI is a partner in the development process of these subassemblies offering services to assure quality objectives are met. The automotive industry uses SAE, ISO and AEMCLRP standards for approvals.

Medical Industry


The medical care market is the largest in the world and has some of the most stringent hardware and software test regimens of all types of equipment.  Hospitals and medical professionals are constantly balancing the cost versus benefits in the treatment of patients.  Equipment which is approved is often used in very demanding environments where it is expected to work flawlessly.  Midwest EMI has provided confidence to medical suppliers for many years having been involved in many medical design developments and is able to provide comprehensive solutions to complex interactions in those environments. The medical industry is guided by EN 60601-1-2 for EMI and EN 60601-1 for safety.


The laboratory equipment market forms the backbone of all hardware developments in the world.  The number of independent suppliers producing devices for this market is by far the largest and uses the most proprietary of technologies. The quality the public expects is directly verified to standards using these precision instruments.  The environment these instruments are used in can contaminate test results providing inaccurate and erratic indications. The EN 61326-1 and EN 61000-6 standards that Midwest EMI performs assure that these adverse environmental factors are minimized.

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